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dream couple

Find your dream guy – best mental advice

The man of a dream of your girlfriend at all not necessarily has to be the man of your dream. There is common ground between the man and the woman who let know to couple at the subconscious level that it is worth keeping together that it is worth being near to fill internal space with love and happiness.

Guy of my dream. Who is he?

Understand yourself. Decide on the real requirements and separate from expectations of others. Be honest with themselves concerning the shortcomings as you should meet the one who will consider your shortcomings scanty and pardonable, but will estimate your strengths. Sometimes here play two parties of a medal – can characterize the resolute and penetrative person as stubborn if the person feels to him antipathy. Therefore try to turn out all criticism which fell to you find other party more tolerant or even laudable replacement to critical words and wonder, whether the truth it concerning you.

Do not expect perfection. Recognize it – you are imperfect. Nobody is perfect. If you in search of the man made for 100%, you are doomed to a failure. Try not to notice these small shortcomings or the irritating habits of your elect which do not influence the general situation and who knows, he can will begin to forgive you your small habits. Think what sort of a habit you are irritated most of all that becomes a stumbling block, and expect them, without paying to them attention. If you cannot take out a carelessness in men, to you, perhaps, it is necessary to concede in something and to find the man of the dream who will never forget your dates or instructions.

How to find the guy of the dream.

Become the woman whom want to marry. What type of men attracts you? What features it has to have? To attract the man of your dream, you should have the lines and features of character attracting other men, and in particular the man of your dream. Also consider traits of character which can help you: if you the house person, you can find happiness with the man who does not loaf on your kitchen, but never complains of need to cut a lawn or to remove a workshop.