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Earning Money as Cam Girl

Today the increasing popularity work gathers by becoming a webcam model also known as a camgirl. It should be noted that now can work with web model not only representatives of the weaker sex but also guys.

There is a stereotype that work of model it practically the same prostitution. Actually it of course not that hard as a word but considering things how the world is now it’s quite normal, here is important first of all communication for it you and receive money through sexual implication of course is.

Besides not each girl or the guy will be able to work as webcam model as besides that this work which is highly paid but she demands very serious relation to herself, since appearance and finishing with moral stability as it is necessary to communicate with different people sometimes and with not really pleasant.

The competition in this segment online of work is very high and to become on the present successful a web model, it is necessary to work hard, what to occupy the niche.

But all this is compensated by high payment as work as model is considered a web one of the highest paid in the Internet.

One more stereotype that can work with web model the long-legged beauty till 20 years, actually some ladies to whom it is far for 30 and appearance at them we will directly tell not model, earn much more the young competitors.

So let’s a little in more detail consider this type of earnings on the Internet.

First of all, to be registered in quality live sex cam platform you have to be not less than 18 years old, by the way further already the age and external data practically do not matter, work a web with model as young girls and guys and people in mature and old age, as they say for taste and color ….

The second and indispensable condition, this existence of the computer with the webcam and connected to the Internet, is desirable that the Internet was fast and unlimited and the webcam could support the HD format. See brief guide written by a pro cam girl to get more information about equipment and other golden value advice.

Further let’s turn to questions which most often set the models beginning a web. Let’s arrange them in popularity.

How much the model earns a web?

On average the income of the model beginning a web begins from $100, those who already worked some amount of time and so to speak was involved in work receive from $1500 and there is still the third category a web of models these are elite models which earnings begin from $10 000 a month.

What is necessary to become model?

I described the main requirements above, besides for registration a web by model you will need the following documents.

  • scan of the main page of the passport
  • photo with the passport in hands
  • photo of your person
  • profile photo (usual photos on which are represented only you).

How I can receive the earned money?

Money can be received on all known payment systems, also on plastic cards. Most often the minimum sum on a conclusion does not exceed $50 (day of work of usual model).

How many it is necessary to work?

Usually the web model works 5 – 6 hours a day. Though all individually, the schedule of work free therefore you can choose how many and in what time to you to work.

Where I can work with model?

For work it is necessary to treat a choice of studio very seriously as your income will depend on it directly. Further I will list only the checked and reliable sites where you can work absolutely quietly.

Recently enjoys the increasing popularity the sites Bongacams and HornyRooms, can work at the site both girls and guys, offer very attractive conditions for work as model Still here It should be noted one of the most authoritative a live sex shows.

What documents are necessary for registration a web – model?

You can find the list of documents which are necessary for registration in any platforms model section.

Whether I the guy can work I a web with model?

Yes can. See the available sites for registration below.


This studio offers really boundless opportunities for work. Here you awake with both the actress and the production director of the shows.

It is possible to earn not only in a private but also arranging erotic representations. On average the income a web of model begins from $700 a month. It should be noted that the site is completely translated into Russian, money can be brought to all payment systems Webmoney, Visa, Mastercard, available to the CIS countries, and so on.

On the site constantly hold various competitions among a web of models, here conditions of one of them:

The general prize fund now $20000 a month!

  • * the 1st place a prize – $1000
  • * the 2nd place a prize – $500
  • * the 3rd place a prize – $300
  • * 4-15 a prize – $100
  • * 16-30 a prize – $50
  • * 31-50 a prize – $25
  • * 51-100 a prize – $15


One of the best sex cam sites for chats work as a  webcam model. The model, always has the highest percent clients, excellent conditions for work. The site is very busty and you need to do the good job to attract tippers to your chat room.


The reliable and available site for work. Registration very simple. The earned money pays every week. Can work both guys and girls

The excellent site for cam girls as they pay pretty good commissions, is a lot of programs for earnings, besides there are a lot of clients almost round the clock. The competition among models is much less than on other sites here. There is an opportunity to work at once at four sites focused on Eastern Europe.

I want to give to you some advice, do not start working a as a camgirl if feel that your are morally is not ready, also do not force yourself if this work causes in you rejection of anything good in moral not in the material plan from this not to turn out.

If you still had any questions, write in comments surely I will answer them. Besides I think to other users it will be interesting to learn your opinion on working online as a camgirl.