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How to become a cam girl brief guide

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I’m a cam girl for over 5 years and I wanted to write about how to join us and become successful in the webcam sex arena. This brief guide explains step by step how to start. I believe that many girls want to join us and this text is for newbies as it will explain how to start the process of entering webcam modelling world. Decided to write this guide because I remember that it was very hard when I decided to start as there was no such guides online. Today there are many but you can always learn something new from each of them. So, let’s go, and I hope it will help.


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It’s the first thing in line to take care of. If you decided to join camming arena you have to take care of equipment that is necessary to start, and of course it has to be quality. You need a computer and webcam, of course good internet connection is essential, it also has to be fast. So, get as powerful computer as you can get, it can be laptop or general PC. Your goal is to be able to stream in HD quality and of course audio quality should be good. So, when shopping you should discuss with sales person that you need HD webcam stream quality and good audio. It’s simple girls, the better you look online the better the change to attract guys to your chat room. It’s simple as that, but most girls entering camming don’t realize that. So, take care of equipment. For those who don’t have the money to be spent I would suggest to get a nice laptop with built-in HD webcam.

Which Cam Site To Choose?

So now you have your equipment and ready to go live. You need to pick a site where you will start streaming your live shows. You need to pick the one that has the most traffic, just google cam girls and you will see which ones has most as this is the term that most people are coming to watch us live getting nude and chat. I don’t recommend new sites for newbies, because it’s hard as there are not much people around, but if you get a special deal from a person you know, try it. We all started on large sites and climbed top lists slowly so the traffic is main thing you should pay attention.

A lot of popular models has their own websites, but to reach this point you have to become really loved and already earning a lot, of course such personal sites helps if you stream on different sites at the same time, but this is for advanced models, as it’s hard to manage multiple chat rooms, remember people don’t like to be ignored so I recommend to start with single cam site and chat room.

A lot of cam sites has special features such as bots and apps, so you need to learn how to use it, as you have decided to join to a particular site you need to dig deeper to find out how it works from a model site and talk with reps how to use it to get best results. Reps are helpful and doing a good job of explaining to new girls how it all works and how to use the features they offer.

Choose Cam Nickname

The most important thing is to choose a nickname that’s cool and easy to remember. Of course, don’t get one that is already being in use or similar as fans may get confused and it’s better to avoid that. You want to be unique and recognizable among members so choose wisely. The best way is to google the name you picked and make sure that no other girl is using it, no matter if on the site you picked there is no such model, but if you can find it on google pick other.

Getting Guys To Tip And Go Private With You

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Your main goal is to have a fun chat room that attracts visitors. Being active is very important, interact with your guests as often as you can and answer all their questions. Be friendly and always smile and laugh. Being yourself is important like never before, because competition is huge, so you have to be yourself and always be like that. Smiles helps to get started and people who start to be attracted to you may become your sugar daddy online and spend big money.

To get spenders is a little tricky, it’s not enough just to be hot and take your clothes off and sit naked in front your visitors watching. That won’t help. People need to get to know you better to tip or go private with your, that connection with other person is important so always keep connecting to your visitors and get to know them also.

To finish this brief guide, I will tell you that you need to be persistent and don’t give up fast. So always be charming and positive and I wish you all the best so you can become a top cam girl!