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asian girl with white man

Asian girls prefer white men? Not absolutely true

cute smileThe analysis based on internal statistics of the FirstMet appendix on social network Facebook showed that during acquaintances Internet users give preference to the partner of other race. The result received after processing 2,4 million heterosexual connections of aged people of 35 years is also more senior, is published by the Quartz edition. So, white women, Asians and Latin Americans most often respond to proposals of white men and least of all pay attention to black. And only black women elect representatives of the race and least of all reciprocate to white men. With men the situation is different. Black, white and Latin Americans love Asians more. Whereas Asian men go crazy from Latin Americans. At the same time men of all four categories least of all react to black women, but in recent research this is changing and we see a lot of similarities and no more race barriers.

FirstMet is the popular application in Facebook for acquaintance. It allows to look through fluently profiles of users, pressing “yes” to show the interest or “to pass” for transition to the following page and see other person. It’s pretty popular app on Facebook for the dating crowd.

We tested this and asked cam girls about this and their answers just confirmed our gut feeling – they agreed that they prefer white men a little bit more but don’t mind at all about chatting or having live sex with other races. Maybe it’s because of it’s not real and just cam2cam thing but this just is a good thing at least this is changing and that looks positive.