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4 types of toxic men which will ruin your life

Manipulator, abuser, tyrant and many others.

The harmonious relations and mutual love – what most of people dream of. Existence of the second half will influence you anyway therefore the relationship should be built up intelligently, being guided not only by inclination and sympathy, but also sensible mind.

Life is given us to rejoice and derive from it pleasure, but not to suffer and suffer in the toxic relations. It’s better to go visit live Cameraboys chat rooms if you are looking for a sexual relief or nice chat with gentleman. Therefore, it is worth understanding accurately with what people it is possible to build up the relationship and with whom you should not do it.

1. Manipulator/abuser/tyrant

The main task of such men to subordinate you the will. To operate you, suppressing the personality by pressure, humiliations, depreciation. They do not care for feelings and thoughts of the person who is nearby.

Contrary to ordinary opinion – abusers choose to themselves the strong and self-assured victims. After short time of beautiful courting “beloved” begins to open the real face: quarrels from scratch, charges of all troubles, direct instructions as it is necessary to arrive, and full depreciation of your external and mental capacities. Over time successful and independent becomes suppressed, uncertain and is not able to break off the relations anymore, “to whom she can be pleasant in general”.

2. Gaslighter

This type of men skillfully forces you to doubt reality and your adequacy. Undermining own belief in the actions and thoughts gives to a gaslighter the full power over you. 

The most frequent manipulations:

  •     Denial of the facts: “I did not do it, you just forgot”, “I could not tell it, these are your imaginations again”.
  •     Denial of emotions: “You really are upset on such trifles? – it is abnormal”, “You too emotionally react to simple things”.
  •     Reference to inadequacy of perception, emotional instability: “At your aggravation is started over again?” “Again, you go to a depression?”

This tactic leads to the fact that every time, trying to settle the conflict, you are approved in the wine and feeling of low self-esteem. And your partner will continue to offend psychologically at you, attaching you to himself more and more.

3. Married man

married man

The toxicity of the relations is that you with own hand and voluntarily involve yourself in the relations doomed to failure. Paradoxically, but such relations can last for years. The man assures you that in family everything is very bad, marriage just about will break up, and in general, all this only because of children. The man thus solves the problems in the form of lack of new emotions or novelty in intimate life, and the mistress for years listens to promises about long-awaited reunion most of which often does not happen. 

4. Parasite

Men who or do not work, or low social level belong to this category. Besides that, they have no vital ambitions, over time they also begin to pull you on a bottom. A talk on disacknowledgment his society, millions which he has to earn by the mind, but for some reason narrow-minded directors understand nothing sensible workers, at first force the woman to empathize darling, but over time the woman does not manage to look back as she drags on herself all relations, dressing, putting and supporting also itself, and the beloved for years.