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10 reasons why your husband avoids sex

How to return him to the bedroom and to raise a libido? How to receive in marriage it is so much sex how many you want? Why the husband does not want proximity with the wife? What reasons?

Your husband too often speaks “Not today honey”? It is difficult not to feel at this moment of rejected. However, it does not mean at all that he lost to you interest. The reasons can be different, even banal “not in mood”.

There are 10 most common causes on which the man refuses to have sex and also councils you in such cases to solve the problem.

1. He just wants to relax after long day

man listening to music with headphones

If it is closed in the to “a men’s cave” every evening, then it can become a template of your dissociation. He can even not realize that you miss him. Tell him about it!

    “Darling, seems, we spend the most part of our evening separately. I know, you want to relax, but I miss you. Perhaps, we can relax somehow together”.

Find something that it gives pleasure to both of you: drink wines, esteem side by side in a bed, watch favorite series. As soon as there is a unity, there will be also an opportunity for a privacy.

2. He remembers children

Many couples have brilliant sex. But some husbands do not see desired sexual objects when they become mothers in the wives. One more murderer of a libido – the placement to the center of family the children, but not the husband. Remove all signals of children from your bedroom: toys, photos, even linen. And if children seek to your room when you want to stay with the husband alone, tell them:

    “This time of mother and father”.

3. Wants to play video games or to watch TV

man watching football game

To say face to face as want the woman, it is unnatural for husbands. He sits down on World of Warcraft or watches hockey with guys because he has no other emotional investments. To tear off it from the screen, agree what nights you will spend with each other. The speech not about the days off or meeting which, certainly, fasten marriage. The speech about the agreement that is admissible in your relations in everyday life and that is not present.

4. That time of month

Some men remember female terms and treat this period with some fastidiousness. Others assume that you will not want to have possible “dirty” sex. But, if growth of hormones during periods increases your sexual desire, let it know. It can become for both of you wealth of experience (even if you should offer a towel or two).

5. Wants more spontaneous sex

spontaneous sex

Do you remember times when you wanted to have sex in kitchen? Yes, it is difficult to keep this impulsiveness when more duties appear, to avoid transformation of sex into one of points in the list. Therefore, plan the scenario in the head. But do not let in him the plan of seducing. When he returns from work, be dressed as earlier when you just met, and look how the spontaneity will quickly return. There are also other things which should be tried: to send children for the night to the grandmother or to replace a traditional dinner and cinema before going to bed with sex in hotel.

6. Worries about result

Your sexual pleasure depends on its ability to be on the ball. And this big pressure! Plus, his former not star sexual contacts can add uneasiness and force him to be disconnected at this moment. If you know what put in it, then ask him to make something pleasant for you, for example oral sex or stimulation hands. Most likely, your excitement will excite also it.

7. Complex because of appearance

worried man complex

Not only women worry about the decreasing appeal. Special emphasis is placed on flat stomachs, and men feel this pressure. Therefore, let him know that he anyway is a winner of a race for your heart. Change your lifestyle that you led active lifestyle together. A few physical exercises, even usual joint walks, will help both of you to find confidence and energy. If everything fails, ask him to make massage. You face down and with a naked body – natural desire will prevail.

8. Watches too much adult entertainment online

cam girl

If he spends much time on the Internet, then it does not mean at all that he lost inclination to you. But the volume and a variety of images which he watches online can lower men’s desire. Try to watch film together with it. But if the rating of movies for adults grows, and the sexual activity decreases, to you it is necessary to talk honestly and directly to the husband about a problem. The address to the expert will be the cleverest course in such situation. A lot of times your man just at the moment you want to have sex takes laptop and tune in to watch Jasminlive cam girls instead of having real sex with you. Cam girls are really hot model type girls who are known as webcam strippers.

9. Worries about work

It is the good idea: to agree about meeting time, to switch-off phone, not to check working mail and to focus the friend on the friend. But be flexible when he is called by a debt and he has to answer. His indispensability gives him feeling of value. And it raises his self-assessment – in all areas. To protect and provide – a natural men’s instinct. That is why, being his most passionate and devoted fan, you have to help him when there are problems on work. Give him time for the solution of working questions and an opportunity to feel confident, and you will take a lot of pleasure in the form of remuneration.

10. Would prefer to have some sleep

sleeping couple

If to give to the man the choice between creation of a romantic situation and an opportunity to have a sleep, then he can decide that he was too tired … Therefore, if one of you will be exhausted at the end of the day, then it is not a problem, but only the purpose to make it in the morning.